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Metalic Salts

Ionic compounds that have been formed as a result of neutralization reaction between an acid and a base are known as salts, which even though are neutral throughout, are composed of positively charged cations and negatively charged anions, held together via electrostatic force of attraction. In case of metal salts, the positively charged part of the crystal lattice is made up of metal ions, which can have variable values of charge depending upon their ionization state, while the negatively charged components can be anything ranging from inorganic ions to charged organic groups. Metal salts can be of type, depending upon the type of ions they furnish on dissolution.

One of the most abundantly occurring salts, sodium chloride or common table salt, has sodium ion as the positively charged metal part in the lattice

  • Chlorides of Potassium metal are used in medicines and solutions to maintain and stabilize the electrolytic balance in the body

  • Halides of alkali metals are used in a number of industrial oxidation and reduction reactions as well as synthesis of a wide array of secondary compounds

  • Powders of compounds made from d-block metallic elements have their set of unique industrial uses such as in surface coatings, electrolysis and others

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