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Our Organic Chemicals find a large range of applications. They form the base of, or are essential components of, numerous commercial products including petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics, explosives and fuels etc. Further, our Inorganic Chemicals have applications like: catalysts, fuel, surfactants, coatings, pigments, medicine and agriculture.

We keep up with thorough procedures and incorporate quality equipment and chemicals. Thus, we are able to offer you the best possible and we look forward to create long-term relations for mutual benefit. We are specialized in providing samples and quotations to the associates of global tenders, floated by the appropriate Ministry of Education & Sports and Ministry of Health in different countries. We work with our customers to achieve greater business recognition and success in the future.

Our activities in well-equipped production unit are guided by a strong commitment to accomplish total quality & performance. We have facilities to develop innovative products, and welcome all your suggestions to improve the quality of our Organic Chemicals and Laboratory Chemicals etc. Today, we have an eminent clientele which includes some reputable technical institutes, schools, colleges, research centers and more.

Our Ability

With the improvement in technology and science there is a vast increase in the demand of chemicals. Alpha Chemika is a leading lab chemical manufacturer in India. Approximately 80% of our products including Inorganic Salts and High Purity Acids etc. are exported to various overseas regions of Germany, Saudi Arabia, and other parts of the globe. Applications for the inorganic salts reach from industrial capabilities to very precise chemical process. Also, we have the quality to meet your exact application need. We are a member of reputed Basic Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics Export Promotion Council - CHEMEXIL.

Product Range :

Alpha Chemika is a reputed exporter, manufacturer and supplier of the following range of products:

  • Laboratory Chemicals:
    • Inorganic Chemicals: Aluminium, Ammonium, Antimony, Barium, Bismuth, Calcium, Cadmium, Chromium, Cobalt, Copper, Ferric, Ferrous, Iodine, Iron, Lead, Magnesium Manganese, Mercury, Nickel, Oxalic, Potassium, Phosphorous, Silver, Sodium, Strontium, Thorium, Zinc, Zirconium, etc.
    • Organic Chemicals: Acetone, Benzene, Chloroform, Formaldehyde, Glycerin, Napthol, Phenol, Universal Indicator, Toulene, Xylene, etc.
    • Acids: Hydrochloric, Sulphuric Acid, Orthophosphoric Acid, Hydrobromic, N,N-Dimethylacetamide, etc.
    • Laboratory Test Paper: Litmus Paper, Ph Paper, Starch Paper, Turmeric, Universal, Mercurous, etc.
    • Indicators: pH Indicators Narrow Range, pH Indicators Wide Range, pH Indicator Papers With Colour Scale, etc.
    • Biological Stains
    • Inorganic Salts
    • HPLC Solvents
    • Karl Fischer Reagents
  • Laboratory Glassware: Air Condensers, Air Inlet Tubes, Anti Foaming Splash Heads, Arsenic Determination Apparatuses, Bacteriological Pipettes, Beakers, Blood Sugar Tubes, Blow Out Pipettes, etc.
  • Laboratory Equipments: Abbe's Refractometers, Accessories for FTIR or HPLC or HPTIC, Active Response Apparatuses, Activity Cage (Actophotometer-digital) Adjustable Stand, Aeration Tube (oxygen Tube), Aerators - Vibrator Type, Aerosol Disinfectors, Aesthesiometers, Agate Mortars & Pestles, Air Curtains, Air Samplers, Alarm Ringer Timers, Albuminometers, All Glass Distillation Apparatuses, etc.
  • Micro Biological Media: Dehydrated Culture Media, Animal Tissue Culture Media, Plant Tissue Culture Media, Ready-to-Use Culture Media, Ingredients, Readymade Stains and Reagents, Culture Media Bases, etc.
  • Analytical Instruments: Spectrophotometers, Flame Photometers, Ph Meters, Conductivity Meters, TDS Meters, Dissolved Oxygen Meters, Photo Colorimeters, Turbidity Meters, Nephelometers, Karl Fischer Titrimeters, Potentiometric Titrators, Water & Soil Analysis Kits, Drug Infusion Pump, Temperature Measurement Instruments, etc.
  • Hospital Equipments: Anaesthesia Products, Autoclaves, Baby Care Equipments, Diagnostic Instruments, Hospital Furniture, Hospital Garments, Medical Disposables, Microscopes and Projectors, Miscellaneous Products, Orthopaedic Implants and Instruments, Physiotherapy Equipments, Rehabilitation Aids, Shadowless Lights, Stainless Steel Hospital Holloware and Sterilizers, Suction Units, Surgical Instruments (General), Surgical Needles, Surgical Rubber Goods, Weighing Scales, etc.
  • Medical Disposables: Surgical Rubber Gloves, Surgical Rubber Gloves - Powdered, Surgical Rubber Gloves - Powder Free, Foley Balloon Catheters, Male Incontinence Devices available with & without Bulb, X-Rays - Opaque, I.V.Canulae, Three Way Stopcocks, Three Way Stopcocks (Lipid Resistant), Extension Tubings, High Pressure Extension Tubings, Cord Clamps, etc.
  • Scientific Instruments: Microscopes, Meters, Balances, Fiber Glass Modes, Optical Components, Electronic & Electrical Instruments, etc.
  • Industrial Machines: Core Cutting Machines, Compression Testing Machines, Sieve Shakers, Marshall Stability Test Apparatus, Universal Testing Machines, Penetrometers, etc.   
  • Teaching Aid Demonstration Models.


We have a sound infrastructural setup equipped with required and latest technologies of the chemical industry. An advanced production unit is installed with modern machines, tools and equipments. Further, there is a regular updating of the technologies to keep pace with ever-changing trends of the market. We are backed by a versed team and pro-active employees featuring years of in hand experience. We also have invested in promoting knowledge in the fields of research, technical development & production. As a result, we have facilities, materials and workforce to meet the demands of the global market for Inorganic Salts, HPLC Solvents, Litmus Paper, Starch Paper and High Purity Acids etc.

We are deals in Lab Chemicals.
"Only deals in retail accepting orders upto 500ml only". 
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