Buffer Tablets

Buffer Tablets are a kind of buffering agents that are primarily employed to keep the pH levels of a solution at a constant level and maintain the acidity of the solution they have been added to, in vicinity of a particular value on the scale after another acid or base has been added. To sum up their main role, they are used to curb a rapid variation in the value of pH on external addition of a base or an acid. These agents can have variable attributes, take for example their solubility, which can vary from one compound to the other and, and some may vary in their very innate nature and their behavior in an aqueous solution i,e. acidic or basic.

1) Thanks to their role in maintenance of pH, they have wide industrial applications in sectors ranging from chemical synthesis to biochemistry, agriculture, medicine, food processing and photography.
2) They can be both weakly acidic or weakly basic in nature and are added to water forming a buffer solution, which then resists change in pH value on addition of strong acids or bases.
3) Each buffer tablet is capable of making a definite volume of standard buffer solution that is capable of maintaining a pH accuracy in the ballpark of two or three post decimal figures.
4) At industrial scales, they are widely employed as fertilizers and also shampoos to lower the pH, so that alkalinity of the soap can be counteracted.

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