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Mercury Salts

Chemical compounds that have the element Mercury (Hg, short for the word Hydagyrum) as a major constituent in their chemical structure are known as Mercury Salts, and they may occur in a variety of forms depending upon the groups attached to the mercury atom through ionic or covalent bonds. Since, mercury does not occur naturally in free state, it is usually found to be present as ores in combination with other elements, with Calomel being one of the most well known form to occur in nature, that too, in a relatively greater abundance as compared to other forms that are known to exist.

  • The compounds that contain mercury are also used as very potent microbial agents

  • In the sector of pharmaceuticals, Mercurous Chloride is known to be a very effective antiseptic

  • Power metering electronics where compact and precise source is required, employ Mercury salts

  • They are also present inside fluorescent tubes that act as source of light in the LCDs.

MERCUROCHROME (Granular) (mercury dibromofluorescein)
MERCUROCHROME (Granular) (mercury dibromofluorescein)

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