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Iodine Derivatives

One of the heaviest yet stable elements of the periodic table and the heaviest among the halogens, Iodine is one of the least abundant element in its group, yet its widespread usage by humans, not only for the sake of deriving nutrition, but also in a number of industrial processes, that has multiplied their demand. A group of Iodine derivatives, known as 'organoiodine' compounds are the ones which have a Carbon-Iodine bond in their molecular structure, which are used as intermediates in large scale production of pesticides and disinfectants as well as soil fumigants, and also find use in flouroscopy and as X-ray contrast agents.

  • Iodine derivatives serve as major intermediates in production of a variety of compounds like acetic acid and acetic anhydride

  • Polyiodo-organic compounds also find prominent application in urography and angiography, thanks to the presence of water-solubilizing diol substituents in them

  • They also play a very important role in a number of biological functions, as they regulate the mechanism of the thyroid glands, and the hormones produced by them

  • Not only are iodine derivatives used in nutrition, but they are also used in the role of catalysts and promoters in a number of industrial processes

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