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Phenols And Derivatives

One of the most well known groups of aromatic organic compounds, all phenols and their derivatives, have at their core, a benzene ring linked to a hydroxyl group by a single bond, making up its signature structure. Primarily phenols are extracted from tar, and at industrial levels, Cumene process accounts for more than 95% of total phenol and its derivative's production, and in the latter case, Acetone is generated as a by-product. Phenol and their derivatives boast a particularly wide usage scenario, with some major areas of application being plastic industry, pharmaceuticals and laboratory tests/biological reactions usually dealing with the domain of molecular biology.

  • Bisphenols, Alkyl Phenols, Chloro Phenols, Hydroxyphenol and Bakelite are some of the most common phenol derivatives

  • Phenol sprays prove to be a highly effective combination of analgesic and anesthetic, for painful and irritation prone areas

  • They are also used in synthesis of emulsifiers, surfactants and detergents as well as insecticide and plastics
  • Another area of their application involves production of rubbers, paints, insulating materials, inks and dyes

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