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Silver Salts

Silver salts are essentially compounds of silver in which the Ag (silver) ions are bonded with certain non metallic or metallic negatively charged groups such as halides, nitrates, dichromates and carbonates as well as derivatives of organic acids such as acetates, carbamate and lactate. The widespread use of silver in making silver ware and jewelry items alongside being an integral component of currency notes kind of overshadows the highly diverse usage scenarios of silver compounds at industrial, where they have proven to be highly effective and nigh indispensable. Take for example the exceptional catalytic properties of silver compounds and their usage in confirmatory tests as reagents in chemical analysis to confirm the presence of certain chemicals.

  • Silver salts are widely used in electrolytic processes such as surface electroplating of base metals
  • They are widely used as chemical reagents or in form of solvents in analysis and confirmatory tests of various elements

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