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Ketones are one of the most well known examples of organic compounds that contain a carbonyl group, which is conjugate of a carbon and an Oxygen atom joined by a pair of bonds, or a double bond to say it precisely. The presence of ketones is identified by certain reagents and tests, like Brady's tests, wherein they yield positive result to 2, 4 DNP (dinitrophenylhydrazine) to give the corresponding hydrazone. Moreover, they can also distinguished by using Fehling's solution or Tollens's reagent, in which case they give a negative result. The major reaction properties of ketones are due to activity of their carbonyl group towards nucleophilic addition.

  • At industrial levels, ketones are synthesized by oxidation of hydrocarbons

  • In case of small scale, application specific synthesis of ketones, they are produced by oxidation of secondary alcohols

  • Ketone derivatives play a very active role in photosynthesis as a a number of chemicals utilized/produced in the process are ketones

  • In medical science, carbohydrates and amino acids produce ketone bodies viz. Acetoacetate and hydroxybutyrate

IRON (metal) FILLING (small pieces)
IRON (metal) FILLING (small pieces)

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