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Biological Stains And Dyes

Biological stains are chemicals that are utilized in the technique of auxiliary microscopy in order to enhance the contrast of the image produced by the microscope and provide a more clear and refined look at the structure of biological tissue being examined. The most prominent use of stains and dyes can be seen in biology and medicine, wherein they are used to better highlight the parts of the biological tissue, analyze the cell population and have a better look at the organelles within the individual cells. They can also be used to assess and mark certain cells in the domain of flow cytometry and can also be used in gel electrophoresis to flag nucleic acids and proteins.

  • These stains and dyes can be class specific, which means they be reactive to a particular class of biochemicals like carbohydrates, lipids, DNAs and proteins, and are thus widely used in biochemistry

  • They have been used with high rate of success in analysis of bulk tissues like various forms of connective tissue and muscle fibers

  • Different kinds of dyes and stains react differently or highlight in a different manner, the varied parts of a cell or tissue, and this property is highly advantageous in revealing a certain area

  • They are heavily used in various branches of biology and medical science such as cytology, histology and immunohistochemistry among others

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